New site


This is the new web site of GMapFP Pro.

Some page in english are yet under construction.

Another new feature integrated into GMapFP Pro.
Now you can customize your Google base map.

How shall we do it? :

Nothing is easier, use the Google Maps API Styled Map Wizard to make your selection of options.
Using this wizard, you can select text colors, background color plan, the size of the features, color saturation, ...
In short, you can select all the parameters of the graphics component of the map.

Personnalisation de fond de plan Google

Once you have selected the appropriate settings to your preference, click on the "Show JSON" button.

It'll just copy the code in the box provided for this purpose in settings GMapFP Pro.
Please note, your code starts with a square bracket "[" and ends with a closing bracket "]".
Your displays are Responsive: Compatible tablets, smartphones, ...
Customizable Fields
Create as many fields as necessary.
Picture gallery
Add a photo gallery to your item.
Your items can be associated with several categories.
Share your data with an RSS or ATOM feed.
With this function, group your markers to make it easier to read your map.
Many choice of display
Select your view from a wide range of possibilities.
Index all your records in Google using the XMap plugin.