Module GMapFP Showcase

If you are on this page, you might already know the free version of GMapFP.

Otherwise, I invite you to discover :

You should know that you can always upgrade a free version to a Pro version without loss of information.

In addition to the possibilities of the free version , the Pro version provides you new features, settings , displays and extensions.

Most of the Pro version are:


    • Management of dates of: Creation, beginning of publication, end of publication.
    • Management of access rights (public, registered, special) by location.
    • Management of the author.
    • Adding robots metadata and author to optimize your SEO.
    • Adding indicators of administration: status, number of clicks, revision number, date of last modification.
    • Managing a photos gallery by location.
      • Automatic creation of thumbnail to optimize the size and the loading time of your pages.
    • Management of personal fields (no limit).
      • These fields are either of type:
        • text,
        • drop-down list
        • boxes checked,
        • radio button
        • ...
      • They can be assigned to one or more categories
      • And depending on the field type you can create simple filters or with an help function for input
      • Allow search by keywords
    • Possibility to rename (in settings) several fields: Name, Category, ...

Your displays are Responsive: Compatible tablets, smartphones, ...
Customizable Fields
Create as many fields as necessary.
Picture gallery
Add a photo gallery to your item.
Your items can be associated with several categories.
Share your data with an RSS or ATOM feed.
With this function, group your markers to make it easier to read your map.
Many choice of display
Select your view from a wide range of possibilities.
Index all your records in Google using the XMap plugin.