Module GMapFP Showcase

In order to give a little visibility on the development of GMapFP Pro for Joomla 4, I suggest you discover the ambitious program for this extension.

This roadmap is not fixed. Do not hesitate to contact me with your comments and ideas.

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  • Integration of Joomla functions: Categories, Tag, Versionning, Custom Field. 
  • Multilingual Joomla management. 
  • Compatible override of Joomla views in frontend and backend. 
  • Frontend compatible Bootstrap 5. 
  • Languages: English and basic French. 
  • Basic Google Map, OpenStreetMap management. 
  • Management of any other cards by addon. 
  • Customizable OpenStreetMap base map. 
  • Geocoding of addresses and latitude / longitude by plugin (Google Map and Esri). 
  • Geolocation function 
  • Route calculation. 
  • Creation of a tool allowing the creation of personalized GMapFP displays. 


  • Joomla advanced search. 
  • XTD button for item display, list of places, maps, ... 
  • JCE links compatibility. 
  • Compatibility integration of files and cards in Acymaling. 
  • Compatibility integration of forms and maps in PageBuilder. 
  • Compatibility integration of forms and maps in SP Builder. 
  • Quick icon. 
  • Page Navigation.
  • Content indexing in OSMAP.
  • User filters fully configurable on all fields.


  • Menu. 
  • List of places. 

Specific customs fields:

  • Pictograms. 


  • Installation package allowing you to install everything at once.
Your displays are Responsive: Compatible tablets, smartphones, ...
Customizable Fields
Create as many fields as necessary.
Picture gallery
Add a photo gallery to your item.
Your items can be associated with several categories.
Share your data with an RSS or ATOM feed.
With this function, group your markers to make it easier to read your map.
Many choice of display
Select your view from a wide range of possibilities.
Index all your records in Google using the XMap plugin.